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Jobs and Business
Like everyone, I am concerned about high unemployment and the pressure this puts on families. Good jobs are provided by thriving businesses. Therefore we have to create an environment in which startup businesses can “make it” and established businesses can thrive. That is why I am committed to reform of business regulation in this state. We need to remove the tax burden. These taxes are passed on to employees in the form of lower wages, and consumers in the form of higher prices.

Taxes are a necessary “evil.” The revenues are used to fund public goods. However, taxes are a drag on the economy. Therefore taxes should be as low as possible, and tax laws should be straightforward and easy to understand. Unfortunately we currently have high rates of taxation, and it takes armies of accountants, lawyers and other tax professionals to guide people through the morass. I am in favor of total tax reform.

Social Policy
I am and always have been staunchly pro life. Society must protect its most vulnerable members. It is horrifying to think of the number of people who have been killed in the name of “privacy” rights. I believe in the traditional definition of family.

Education policy should be set at the local level. Parents, family members, friends and neighbors are in the best position to determine what is best for their children. I am a strong supporter of home schooling and private education as well. Here is Senate District 36 we are blessed with excellent public schools. But as a State Senator I will support tuition tax credits and/or vouchers. Families should have options other than sending their children to underperforming public schools. And the competitive pressure on public schools would make them more efficient, and require a higher level of performance.

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